What is 2020 Leadership?

Jan 6, 2020 | Insights, Skills

It’s the start of a new decade and what we need from our leadership is different than in the past. At Be Leadership, we describe this emerging style as social leadership. Social leaders are collaborative, networked professionals, who proactively use both technology and the resulting mindset of connectedness to build an empowered and agile organisation. They form rich connections with their employees and hold two-way conversations with their teams. They inspire others to greatness by listening to the needs of their employees and creating the context needed to help them succeed. Social leaders work effectively across a matrix and break down silos to lead effectively across the organization.

In this social era, new connections are also forming between business and society. As consumers, we expect more responsiveness and a stronger human relationship amidst digital transformation. Employees expect organisations of all forms to act responsibly and with purpose, and engage with broader society in a positive way. This is leading to new collaborations between governments, businesses and non-profit organizations.

Social leaders thrive in this new business climate. They are conversational, connected leaders who have the skills, perspectives and self-awareness needed to drive both business and societal impact.

Throughout this year, we will be exploring the 12 key skills that are needed by social leaders in this new decade. Each month, we’ll focus in on one of the 12 skills and offer tips to help you develop that area. We start our year with a foundational skill, Curiosity. Follow along here, on Instagram at @be_leadership or on LinkedIn!