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At Be Leadership, we create powerful connections between organizations, communities and individuals, opening the eyes of our participants to new outlooks and perspectives.

Leadership Development

We create custom leadership development offerings that meet the specific organizational needs, incorporating experiential learning and expertise in social transformation.

Workshop Facilitation

We develop and deliver virtual and in-person workshops that help teams align around a common purpose, vision or strategy to support a climate of collaboration and stronger business results.

Action Learning

We have expertise in Action Learning, an experiential team coaching approach that helps leaders advance their social leadership skills while solving real and complex business challenges.

Executive Coaching

We offer executive coaching for leaders and high potential talent, with a special interest in supporting people on the social leadership journey.

Consultation Services

We offer consulting services in all areas of people strategy, with a particular lens around how leadership can be most effective in today’s networked business climate.

Keynotes and Talks

We are available for keynote speeches on all facets of social leadership, including purpose and authenticity, storytelling, moving from connectivity to connection and the future of work.

Our learning experiences help participants develop greater self-awareness and clarity around their reason to be, allowing them to connect this to the broader purpose of the organization.

We believe leaders learn best when given opportunities that take them out of their comfort zone and help them focus on real challenges that result in action. Therefore, we create impactful learning opportunities that connect global corporations and purpose-driven organizations to solve important societal & organizational problems.

These experiential programs challenge leaders to think and behave differently for greater impact. We give leaders an opportunity to assess themselves on essential social leadership skills and practice these skills while doing real, meaningful work.

Kind words

“It was four days of incredible experiences. Every seminar, every plenary session, every breakout room was better than the previous one.”

Participant, Virtual Workshop, 2020

“It was a disruptive, amazing, inspiring experience”

Participant, Virtual Workshop, 2020

“I realised anything can be achieved virtually today with preparation, perseverance and patience. This event had it all – networking, coaching, discussions, and loads of fun.”

Participant, Virtual Workshop, 2020

“It was four days of incredible experiences. Every seminar, every plenary session, every breakout room was better than the previous one”

Participant, Virtual Workshop, 2020

“Using open questions in meetings is like a firework.”

Participant, Virtual Workshop, 2020

“I am now more conscious of my strengths as a potential social leader … as soon as you are aware of your weakness, it automatically focuses your attention on it and leads you to transform it into a strength!”

Participant, Virtual Workshop, 2020

“What I’ve learned is the power of a deliberate conversation. So many of our answers are there if we take the opportunity to uncover them.”

Participant, Virtual Action Learning Coach Certification, 2020

“I’m sure you have heard this before but your company has really figured out how to deliver impactful online learning. The balance of reflection, interaction with colleagues and input was perfect.”

Participant, Virtual Event, 2021

“I have new perspective. When we make a digital campaign, I check not only for commercial goals but also for positive impact”

Participant, Virtual Workshop, 2020

“The Virtual Social Enterprise Hackathon opened my mind around a lot of topics. Without the Hackathon I wouldn’t see things the way I see them now”

Participant, Virtual Workshop, 2020

“I was impressed at how much can be achieved with great people bringing ideas to reality in such a short space of time.”

Participant, Virtual Workshop, 2020


Stories of impact. Our clients are our strength.

We believe in creating a partnership with our clients to consistently deliver work with business and social impact. Our goal is to ensure every engagement results in real performance improvements and clear outcomes. We are proud to work with amazingly diverse clients from many parts of the world and across multiple sectors.


At Be Leadership, we help organizations bring their social purpose to life through their people. One organization which is committed to this approach is BNP Paribas. BNP Paribas is a French-headquartered international banking group with presence in 72 countries and more than 200,000 employees worldwide. As a global leader in social responsibility, BNP Paribas has made a strong public commitment around positive banking for more than two decades. Having a positive impact is emphasized in the bank’s shared values, mission, and vision.

As a client of Be Leadership since 2015, BNP Paribas live their mission by offering training for their leadership talent through the Social Enterprise Hackathon program. This program, which we have designed in collaboration with the bank, combines leadership development and corporate social responsibility.

Over the last five years, we have run nine, soon to be ten, experiential workshops joining over 350 of their senior leaders with more than 50 social enterprise partners.